Certified Quality

Strict Harvest Control

The best coffee farmers of subtropical and tropical countries of the world are selected, evaluating the microclimate, altitude, shade and harvesting processes of their lands to obtain the healthiest, strongest plants and the highest quality fruit. Special attention is paid to products used to preserve our harvests in optimal conditions so that coffee trees are not affected. As a result of this process, our coffee has been certified by the Rainforest Alliance, which ensures that the products obtained in these farms are handled under strict sustainability standards. Additionally, the alliance helps in the development of family coffee farmers so that they can carry out their activities in a dignified manner and in a sustainable environment. 




Roasting process

Roasting time and temperature play a key role in our different flavors, and for that reason, we have the most experienced and renowned coffee sommeliers in the world, who determine the exact time of heat exposure needed for each bean to obtain the perfect blend. 



In Situ Control during all productive stages

In each of the processes involved, our coffee experts identify the most suitable organoleptic characteristics needed to offer premium-quality coffee. A first control takes place by tasting the coffee right after it is harvested; then, once it has settled, we conduct another tasting before it is dispatched; when the coffee arrives, before it is roasted, it is sampled once again to ensure the total absence of anomalies. Afterward, following the tasting sheet, metrological controls are performed and organoleptic properties are checked together with a physical analysis of the coffee. This way, we guarantee that the product to be packed is only of premium quality.  




Coffee Quality Control

We conduct strict quality controls in all our plants on each process where coffee is involved. Also, all productive stages comply with a strict food safety system, observing all national and international standards and regulations. 



Protected atmosphere

Our packaging area was specifically designed following strictly controlled environmental parameters including temperature, humidity, air quality and lighting. This is how we ensure the quality and safety of our coffee. 




Quality control of the packaging

Our packaging machines, including our grinders, are subject to technical controls and cleaning on a regular basis. Our finished product undergoes a rigorous inspection process through qualitative and quantitative sampling to guarantee that all specifications are met. 



A commitment with the environment

Through our Integrated Packaging Waste Management System (SIG), run by Ecoembes, our packages are recycled and reused to contribute to sustainable development and help the environment.