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Country of Original: Spain



An espresso with character and depth. An intense flavor, medium roast and delicious nutty aroma that gives a special touch to each cup.



Pack contains: 10 capsules

重量:70G / 盒

Net Weight: 70g / Box


Ingredient: 100% natural coffee

濃度: 7

Intensity: 7

建議份量: 50毫升 / 1.7 fl oz

Servicing size: 50 ml / 1.7 fl oz

適用於市面上膠囊咖啡機 (Dolce Gusto®)

Dolce Gusto® Compatible coffee capsules


對於所有熱衷於強烈口味的人來說,Viaggio Espresso咖啡膠囊與DolceGusto®濃咖啡口味相容,提供均衡的味道,同時具有清爽的酸度,使其帶來獨特的平衡。

For every intense flavors lover, Viaggio Espresso compatibles with Dolce Gusto® coffee capsules give a balanced an envelope flavor, combined with a crisp acidity which gives a unique balance.



Enjoy it to the max:

我們的咖啡膠囊與Dolce Gusto®兼容,以最佳方式享用,將Viaggio Espresso Espresso Intense膠囊插入Dolce Gusto®咖啡機,將咖啡機設置於2(50 ml)並選擇熱飲的選項。 通過這種方式,您可以享受這種咖啡的強度。

Our coffee capsules are compatibles with Dolce Gusto® to enjoy it in the best way, insert your Viaggio Espresso Espresso Intenso capsule in your Dolce Gusto® coffee maker and place the dispenser in the level 2 (50 ml/ 1,7 fl oz) in the hot beverage options. In this way, you will enjoy this coffee with the intensity that characterizes it.


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