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Viaggio Espresso 

Made in Spain

From the farms of Colombia, we selected the finest Arabica beans to create this 100% natural va

Pack contains: 60 capsules

Net Weight : 3.30g/ Box

Ingredient: 100% natural roasted ground coffee

Special No Added Sugar, No Artificial Flavor, No Preservatives , Gluten Free, Kosher

Intensity : 9 ( out of 12 )

Suggested Servicing size : 25ml, 40ml or 85ml

Nespresso Compatable coffee Capsules

This product has been certified by the Rainforest Alliance to ensure that products are sourced from rigorous and containuously managed fasrms or forests, conserve natural resources and sudtain livehoods.

Though our Integrated Packaging Waste Management system (SIG), run by Ecoembes, our packages and resed to contribute to sustainable development and help the environment.




淨重:330g /包

成分:100%天然烘焙研磨咖啡 無添加糖,無人造香料,無防腐劑,不含麩質,潔淨


建議服務尺寸:25ml, 40ml或85ml Nespresso



產品已獲得雨林聯盟的認證,以確保產品來自嚴格和管理嚴密的農場或森林,保護自然資源和維持生計。 雖然我們的集成包裝廢物管理系統(SIG)由Ecoembes運營,但我們的包裝和設備都致力於可持續發展和環境保護。


12. Colombia | 60 Coffee Capsule Compatible with Nespresso®

SKU: A-12-F-10-M12 X 60
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    This product is returnable within 7 days purchased.

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    10-50 Capsules / HK$25 Local Delivery

    60 or more capsules / Free local delivery

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